PAT: Process Analysis Toolkit

An Enhanced Simulator, Model Checker and Refinement Checker for Concurrent and Real-time Systems

09, Mar, 2009: PAT 2.1.0 is released!

In this release, we supported process level fairness and improve the performance and fix bugs. The parameterized verification (handling infinite number of threads) is under implementation now. We will release a new version soon once we have tested the programs.
Process level Fairness
Process level week and strong fairness is supported in PAT.

Performance Improvement
1 Strong Fairness Checking performance improvement
2 Refinement Checking speed-up.
3 Use Static variables
4 Fair-Loop checking is improved for the non-buchi-fair loops.

User Interface Simplification
1 Remove the tree data manager since the memory saving is not significant and memory is cheap now.
2 Fairness options are grouped into a combobox. The options are dynamically changed according to the applicablity.

New Examples:
1 Leader Election Protocols
2 Web Service: Travel Agent
3 Linearizability: SNZI Algorithms

Parser Library is updated to ANTLR 3.1.2