PAT: Process Analysis Toolkit

An Enhanced Simulator, Model Checker and Refinement Checker for Concurrent and Real-time Systems

Monthly archives for November, 2008

Display of the current enabled events is fixed.

We found a bug in ListView Control of .NET Framework for the forecolor and backcolor display of sub-items.
The following code samples provide the solution to fix them.

ListView_EnabledEvents.OwnerDraw = true;
ListView_EnabledEvents.DrawItem += new DrawListViewItemEventHandler(ListView_EnabledEvents_DrawItem);
ListView_EnabledEvents.DrawColumnHeader += new DrawListViewColumnHeaderEventHandler(ListView_EnabledEvents_DrawColumnHeader);

private void ListView_EnabledEvents_DrawColumnHeader(object sender, DrawListViewColumnHeaderEventArgs e)
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(Brushes.GreenYellow, e.Bounds);
e.DrawDefault = true;

private void ListView_EnabledEvents_DrawItem(object sender, DrawListViewItemEventArgs e)
Rectangle foo = e.Bounds;
foo.Offset(-10, 0);
e.Graphics.FillRectangle(new SolidBrush(e.Item.BackColor), foo);
e.DrawDefault = true;

25, Nov, 2008: PAT 1.3.0 is released!

In the early version, due to the difficulty of calculating alphabet of the process for parallel composition, PAT does not allow global variables in events or process invocations. But there are a lot of models needs this features.

In this release, we added the support of use of global variables in event and process invocation if there is no parallel composition involving. Runtime exceptions will be thrown if there is a difficult to calculate the alphabet due to usage of global varaibles.

We also add a single lift system example. Some examples are simplied after the new language feature.

Bugs fixing in simulator.

Optimizations are implemented as well for numerous places.

19, Nov, 2008: PAT 1.2.9 is released! Please re-install PAT!

In this release, we have three main updates:
1 PAT 1.2.9 solves all the problems with Vista.
2 LTL2BA libary is completely rewritten using C#.
3 Bugs related to channels are fixed.

For the previous users, if you are using Windows Vista, please un-install the previous version of PAT and install PAT 1.2.9.
PAT 1.2.9 allows you to run PAT using administrative rights. You will not have any problems related to loading math library.

15, Nov, 2008: PAT 1.2.8 is released!

In the new version, we unified the denotation values of expression and expression class. In this way, the system is more simpler, there is no need to differenciate the value and expressions.

Negtive constant declaration is supported!
Bugs in the channel evaluation is fixed.

We would like to thank CS4211 students for the careful testings and feedbacks. Their efforts make PAT more stable!

PAT Installation FAQ

1 I can not install PAT.

1) Make sure you have installed the .NET framework 3.5.
2) Make sure the installation file is correctedly downloaded: “PAT3.Setup.XXX.msi”. Some users accidentally rename the installation file with extra .exe in the end.
3) The last remedy is to download direct executable of PAT and run it directly without installation.

2: Cannot start PAT 3.exe on mono

Answer: If the error message informs that assembly System.Windows.Forms is missing, please get the packages libmono-winforms1.0-cil and libmono-winforms2.0-cil.

If you get “Could not get XIM” error, one way you could do is to set the environment variable as “export MONO_WINFORMS_XIM_STYLE=disabled”.

3 I can not start the simulator.

Please make sure you have this DLL under your installation folder.

04, Nov, 2008: PAT 1.2.7 is released!

1 A lot of bug fixing and performance improvement for PAT 1.2.6 are implmenented.
2 Search depth control is added to deadlock and reachability model checkers.
3 Parser improved and updated to the latest Antlr version.
4 New examples are added in. Examples are grouped in different categories.
5 Manual updated.

From now on, we will start PAT 2.0 development to support multi-languages.