PAT: Process Analysis Toolkit

An Enhanced Simulator, Model Checker and Refinement Checker for Concurrent and Real-time Systems

Monthly archives for October, 2008

13, Oct, 2008: PAT tutorials and lecture notes are added

Find them at Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "user-manual".

Old News

06, Oct, 2008: New URL and PAT MailList

PAT has its own domain now:
The email address is “pat at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg”, replace dot with ‘.’

Send an email to pat to join the mail list to get the update of PAT!

Note: due to the URL change, the auto update function will not working for the old version of PAT.
Please download the new version!

06, Oct, 2008: PAT 1.2.6 is released!

Sorry for the fast version update. 🙂
But we changed some syntax, which is big enough to make a new version.

Language Change:
1 use var to declare a variable, similar to javascript and ation script.
2 () is optional in process definition if there is no parameter.

State refinement srefine and sequal assertions is added into the system.

1 Self implemented hashtable and dictionary is used in the code.
2 Code tidy up.

User Manual:
User Manual is updated to the latest syntax.

03, Oct, 2008: PAT 1.2.5 is released!

After some effort, we come up some archetecture improvement:
1 Assersion checking is separated into independed class.
2 Data Manager is introduced, which supports of difference way of storing the states information.
Currently, we are testing for different way of hashing the states. Truong Khanh is working on the tree data structure at the moment.
In the GUI, user can select the different data manager for different purpose.

Syntax improvement:
1 Parser is upgraded to antlr 3.1
2 Language syntax is improved to support if-then-else (syntax suger for conditional choice), case swith (general form of if-then-else)
3 Alphabet declaration syntax is improved to support variables
4 special synbols are removed in assertion, key words are used for better parsing result and readability.

Bug fixing:
1 FD refinement checking is re-implemented. The previous version’s implementation is not correct.
2 Corner cases improvement

Performance Improvement:
1 Self-implemented hashtable is used to replace built-in Dictionary in .NET. (both smaller and faster)
2 Code optimization round one is done. We are doing the round two now. 🙂